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We are a fully established Parts and Service center.  We specialize in dry rot, bearings, brakes, insurance repairs and we carry a wide rage of accessories and parts to meet all of you RV needs.

We are here to help you take care of and enjoy your RV and will try our best to answer your questions about the care and maintenance.




XL Collapsible Bucket

*Collapses to 2 3/4" for easy storage

*Made with durable watertight fabric

*Easy to carry

*Storage bag included

*5 gallon capacity

Collasible Bucket

Holds 3 gallons of water or keep your drinks on ice.

An inexpensive and effective way to fight mildew, mold, and corrosion. Handles 500 cubic foot volume of space. 70 Watt Operation 110/120 vac with thermal Cutoff.

Combats mold and mildew & musty odor. Designed for Marine & RV use. Draws 75 watts and effective in areas up to 1000 cubic feet.


Hanging Moisture Absorber. Attracts and Traps Excess Moisture. Eliminates Musty Odors. Works great in clothes closets, storage closet, cars, trucks and boats.

Caframo Stor-Dry

Low Wattage Warm Air Circulator

*Combats mold, mildew & musty odor

*Designed for Marine & RV use

*Gentle heat protects cabins & lockers

*Energy efficient, silent operation

*Rugged aluminum body will not corrode

*Internal blower provides superior performance



The Folding Assist Railing

The Lend-a-Hand RV rail provides steady support and convenience,as you go up the stairs or down the road.


*Folds & locks to the side of your RV without tools

*locks open to make entering or exiting your RV easier and safer

*Available Finishes in White with Foam Grip